BAZ has a very strong engineering team from a diverse number of backgrounds & fields. They are supported by a solid inspection team, with a vast number of tools & labs at their disposal.

Roughly 20% of our work-force is in engineering or inspection.

Our team utilizes:

To ensure your project is succesffuly complete: on time, within budget, and with exceeding quality.

Our team is here
to serve you by:

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o   Assembly Jigs

o   Welding Tools

o   Layup Tools

o   Mill Fixtures

o   Forming Tools

o   Automated Test Platforms

o   Inspection Tools

o   And more

o   Forming Analysis Reports

o   Spring Back & Forming Pressure Analysis

o   Reverse Engineering

o   Fabrication Process Layout

o   Assembly Process Design

o   Build/Design to Spec

o   Desgin for Manufacturing (DFM)

o   Design for Production (DFP)

o   BAZ are official representatives of Harcourt Industrial (Madison Heights, MI, USA) allowing us (or you) to build tools: exceedingly fast – at a quality which others can only envy.


o   Design with Harcourt technology

o   Fabricate with Harcourt technology

o   Sell/Distribute Harcrout details & components, for your internal use.

o   Chemical Testing Lab

o   Salt Bath

o   Tensile Testing Lab

o   Metallographic Examination Lab

o   NDT (Nadcap Approved)

o   CMM

o   Hardness & Conductivity Inspection

o   Clad Penetration Inspection

We look forward to utilizing our engineering & lab capabilities
to help your next project take-off successfully!

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