BAZ Airborne Components and Assemblies is a leading aerospace manufacturer: delivering parts and assemblies world-wide for civil, business, and defense aviation. We hold AS9100 certification, several Nadcap accreditations, and a long list of Prime/OEM, Tier 1 and Tier 2 approvals.

BAZ was founded in 1977, by Mr. Jacob Helfman. Today it is still a family company ran by Mr. Helfman’s son-in-law: Mr. Eytan Cohen-Munwes. Mr. Cohen-Munwes started working at BAZ in 2002, and has been the CEO since 2006.

He has taken the company from focusing on the local market needs, to growing our international sales, approvals, and reputation. Today, about 50% of our sales are to international customers (in Asia, Europe, UK and the USA).

Armed with a software and labs that are uncommon for a standard “metal-parts manufacturer”: we strive to change the status-quo. We use innovative & out-of-the-box thinking, as is stereotypical for Israel, and combine it with robust processes & quality systems, that are expected from the aero-defense manufacturers, to bring you forward thinking and complete solutions for a manufacturing industry which is rather hesitant to adopt change.

And as for Mr. Helfman, our founder: though he is well into retirement age, he still frequently “clocks-in” to work at BAZ, to solve engineering challenges (which is what he enjoys most).

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