Manufacturing & Processing

Manufacturing & Processing BAZ has a very large manufacturing foot-print, all in one same facility. This allows us to guarantee lead-time and quality – for the success of our customers. Our manufacturing & processing capabilities include: – Select A Tab – Sheet metal & extrusion forming o   Deep Drawing (Double Action) o   Brake Press o   Stretch Forming o   Roll […]

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Engineering & Laboratories

ENGINEERING & LABORATORIES BAZ has a very strong engineering team from a diverse number of backgrounds & fields. They are supported by a solid inspection team, with a vast number of tools & labs at their disposal. Roughly 20% of our work-force is in engineering or inspection. https://humblewebdesign.com/bazairborne/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/30P460131400-001_crashforming_2_drawing_round_square2_annea.mp4 Our team utilizes: – Cutting edge software

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